Arts & Crafts Resources

Dance Videos from our partners at The Place

Simple dance moves to get your children focussed and burning some energy.  Please click the links to access the videos.

Body percussion session with Corinne

Food Dance with Jack

Year 3 & 4 dance project

Year 3 this link is especially for you!  Zoe will be taking you through your paces in the Amazon!

Year 4 this link is especially for you!  Holly will be taking you back to Anglo Saxon England.

BBC Bitesize

Click the links below for some great BBC resources.

BBC Bitesize Art & Design KS1

BBC Bitesize Art & Design KS2

Tate Kids

Click this link for accessible art resources for children.

Access Art

Follow this  link for a great sketchbook project courtesy of Access Art that should keep any child engaged.

Into Film Resources

Many of you will be spending more time in front of the telly than usual.  Into Film have created some resources that will help you get the best out of your viewing.

Best family films to stream at home

Into Film’s recommended list of family favourites.

50 film guides to use at home

Int Flo have designed these guides as informal discussion prompts for after viewing a film.  They also feature extension activities that children and young people can take part in on their own, without the need for constant supervision.

Review 100

Follow this link for a film review writing competition.  The fortnightly winners will receive a £20 voucher.


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