Topics and Themes

We have developed three whole school themes a year which connect the curriculum to our school vision.  This approach links topics and texts which are being taught across different year groups in the school, providing an integrated, thematic approach to the curriculum content.

Autumn – Flight, Journeys and Exploration: ‘Aiming High’


Year 1                                                 Year 2                                             Year 3

Year 4                                         Year 5                                              Year 6


Spring – Leadership and Heroism


Thomas Coram                  Emmeline Pankhurst (Year 2)                Narnia (Year 4)

(Year 1)



Beowulf (Year 4)              Greek Heroes (Year 5)                                    Macbeth (Year 6)

Summer – Creative Thinking


Fantasy Worlds (Year 1)                   Roald Dahl (Year 2)              Krinklekrax (Year  3)



House of Wisdom – Islamic History  (Year 4)                Shakespeare (Year 5)

We are firm believers in connecting curriculum subjects within year groups too in order to make the learning experience rich, relevant and memorable.

Reception curriculum

Year 1 curriculum

Year 2 curriculum

Year 3 curriculum

Year 4 curriculum

Year 5 curriculum

Year 6 curriculum

Further detailed subject information for each year group is supplied regularly to parents throughout the year and is available on request from class teachers.