ISA marks 2015-2018 420X420

We were accredited with the British Council’s International School Award in 2012 and re-accredited in 2015.  The assessors noted: “This is an outstanding Impact Evaluation and is a very good example of how to embed the international dimension firmly into your curriculum. Your application demonstrates clearly your continued commitment to understanding and applying the principles of international education in a creative and imaginative way. It also proudly showcases your international learning journey, including your achievements and highlights the positive effects of your global learning on all stakeholders involved in the process, including students, staff, partner schools and the wider community. “

Our aim is to develop well-rounded global citizens who can show empathy with others in the world at the same time as pursuing their own aspirations. We have received various grants from the European Union to promote our international work. Pupils and teachers have been on overseas visits to France, Italy, Poland, Croatia and China.

As part of our EU-funded multilateral project, Europe’s Got Talent, we were invited to open the London Stock Exchange.

We are part of the North London Schools International Network (NLSIN) and contribute to their annual conferences.