Year 2 Arts Gallery

Our cushions have arrived!

Year 2 chose fabric designs by Gion, Mona and Toska to be made into velvet cushions for their book corner.  All the winners were very pleased with the final product!

Mother Nature Designer

Year 2 created some fabulous textile designs based on harvest fruit and vegetables.  They made their own decorative papers and used them to make collages.  Then they scanned them into the computer and used tiling software to create textile designs.  The class voted for their three favourite designs that have been sent off to be made into cushions for their book corner.  We can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Some of our original collages

Some of our fabric designs

Creating animations

Year 2 were lucky to have visitors from the City Learning Centre (CLC) teach them how to create animations using Scratch on the ipads.  The children based their animations on ‘The Paperbag Princess’, an alternative fairy tale they had been studying in their English lessons.