Jake was a nightguard.  He had no other jobs so that was the only job he could get.  Jake was grumpy, not funny and lonely.  He was 77 years old.  He had one daughter and a son.

Every day was the same until he moved a special book.  Every sculpture started to move.  Dinosaur fossils became alive.  Jake could hear the dinosaurs trying to make their way out from the shiny glass case.  Jake could see the dinosaurs walking past the corridor.  Jake could hear the dinosaurs stomping on the polished floor.

While Jake was running away from the dinosaurs, he saw 4 wolves chasing him.  Jake ran out of breath.  He stopped.  The wolves stopped too. Then he gave them a gentle stroke and four juicy white bones.    Then he hid behind an Egyptian person.

He accidentally tripped on the mummy then it came alive.  He killed it but more and more came.  He ran to the exit but was blocked.     He ran back inside.  Then he hopped on a pterodactyl.  He flew with him and made friends with him.  He flew high in the air.



He could hear the footsteps against the marble floor, tap tap tap.  He could also see the amazing bones of dinosaurs.  They started to form animals that have been extinct.  The creatures came alive as he passed by.  Suddenly they sneaked up on him and he could not find an exit so he tried to find a hiding spot.