Year 4 Arts Gallery 2019-20

Autumn term

Rene Magritte – Surrealism

Year 4 have been learning about the Surrealist painter, Rene Magritte.  They used PIXLR photo-editing software to create dream-like images inspired by his work, developing their skills in both art and computing.

Re-visiting and Consolidating Existing Skills 

First the class re-visited and consolidated the skills that they learnt in year 2, such as working on layers, locating digital files, re-sizing and extracting images.  They created a version of one of Magritte’s most famous paintings called ‘Son of Man’.

Introducing New Skills

The children learnt how to blend two different images into one, using the opacity slider and the soft eraser tool.  Magritte often combined objects in unexpected ways.

The children were then taught how different effects can be created using adjustments, filters and blend modes.

Consolidating New Skills

The children were given an opportunity to apply their new skills to their own Surrealist composition inspired by Rene Magritte.