Carnotaurus file max


Barry was a nightguard at the Natural History Museum.  He was once  a teacher but he was always late.  After that, he went to the war and lost 3 fingers.  He left the army because he got traumatised.


On the first day late at night, he left to go home.  In his mind he was wondering if this was an ordinary museum but it wasn’t.   ..While he was walking in the huge corridor he heard the sound of his echoing footsteps.  He heard a little roar and followed its source.  He had a bad feeling that it might be a dinosaur.  Tip toe by tip toe he smelt a scent of an earthy damp smell like dinosaur claw.  He caught a glimpse of dinosaur bones and the bones started to mesh together.  The flesh started to regrow.


He came to work at 8.30 p.m. every day but on day 3 he spotted something unusual….Everything came to life because he hit something.  It was a book but not an ordinary book.  It was golden and shiny.  All the dinosaurs were running around and flying around the place.  They started smashing the glass window.  He could hear roaring echoing everywhere through the corridor and loud footsteps all over the place.  James could see the dinosaurs trying to come out of their glass cases.