Andrico was a night guard at the Natural History Museum.  He was a bit of a loner and preferred working at night when he didn’t have to talk to anyone.  He wasn’t into fossils but he had to work there because it was the only job he could get.  He hadn’t always wanted to do this but had ended up here.     Everything was the same until he moved a book.

Something started smashing.  As he blinked, he saw a flash of a flying object but he thought it was his imagination.  Suddenly, a scratching could be heard in the distance.  He went to check it out.  A few minutes later, the main hall was like the rainforest  5,000,000 years ago.   First he thought he had time travelled but there was no time machine so he looked outside and it was exactly the same.   Out of the case next to him a demonic hawk broke the glass like it was hatching out of its egg.



The museum was eerily empty.  He could hear his own footsteps echoing as he made his way down the newly-waxed marble floor.  There were many things you could see when you were on your own.   He carried on walking then stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the banging of something that wasn’t normal.   Suddenly a hand reached and grabbed him.