Year 5 Arts Gallery 2019-20

Spring Term

British Museum February 20

Year 5 visited The British Museum to learn about the Ancient Greeks.

Autumn Term

Visiting The National Gallery December 2019

Year 5 visited The National Gallery to find out how different artists have depicted The Nativity.

Responding to a Place – King’s Cross

Year 5 created a large-scale collaborative work linked to their local history case study.  They used mixed-media collage, including machine stitching to create their individual buildings, before they were grouped together.

  Autumn Term 1

Minoans – Making Patterned Vessels

Year 5 will be learning about Ancient Greece this year.  The Minoans preceded the Ancient Greeks, but strongly influenced them.  The children learnt how the Minoans decorated their ceramics with patterns influenced by their surroundings and how the styles changed during different periods, which helps archaeologists to date their finds.

Observation Drawing

Observation drawing requires children to attend closely for a period of time and encourages good hand to eye co-ordination, as well as having mental health benefits.

Using Modroc

Modroc is a messy business, but so much fun!  The children learnt how to use an armature to support the structure they were building.

Transferring Patterns onto the Vessel

The children created patterns based on their observation drawings and the various styles of Minoan ceramics they were familiar with.  Most children chose to use the colours typical of Minoan Kamares ware: black, white and orange.