Monday 29th June 2020

News about September September 2020

There is a link to our staffing video on the letter above.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Year 6 Leavers – Year 6 Leavers 2020

Monday 22nd June 2020

A letter for parents who requested a return to school for Years 2,3,4,5. Letter to 2,3,4,5, 22nd June

A letter for parents who are keeping their children at home: Letter to parents at home 22.6.20


Wednesday 17th June 2020

Please find attached a letter to parents of Y2,3,4 and 5 children regarding a return to school.

Y2,3,4,5, Letter

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Please find attached a letter to the parents of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children  who have not taken a place at school.

For those parents who have their child in school there is no need to respond.

Return to school

Friday 5th June 2020

Please find attached a letter to all parents.

Letter to parents 5th June

Thursday 22nd May 2020

Please find attached:

A letter for families in Year R/1/6 who are coming to school on 2nd June:

Letter for children coming to school – 21st May 

A letter for families in R/1/2/3/4/5/6 who will continue with home learning.

Letter for home learners –  21st May


Monday 18th May 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

COVID-19 June part-time school re-opening for Years Reception, 1 and 6

From the beginning of June, your child is being offered the opportunity to come to school.  However you are NOT legally required to bring them to school.

You are all aware what a small space we have at Holy Trinity which means we cannot safely offer full-time provision. We will do our best to sanitize the school and reduce the sharing of resources But we CANNOT guarantee social distancing within school.  To try to keep our school community as safe as possible, we are offering you 2 options:

  1. Continue to home-school with online learning and packs. We will continue with our regular phone calls to you and your child   OR
  2. Send your child in for 2 days per week (Monday and Tuesday OR Thursday and Friday).
  • We will organise this so that siblings come in on the same day.
  • Children will be taught in smaller groups and will remain with that group for the foreseeable future to reduce cross-contamination.
  • Children may not be taught by their usual class teacher or TA
  • Children will be given lunch at school in their classrooms.
  • The school day will be shorter
  • It will be essential in Reception Class that all soft furnishings are removed and all equipment that cannot be washed is not used.

Only Key Worker / Vulnerable children will be in school on a Wednesday. This is to allow for deep cleaning and calls home to those children not in school.   June 1st will be an INSET day for staff.  I do hope you understand the thinking behind this plan. As the situation develops and changes, we may have to change and develop our offer to you.

Please read the survey and respond by emailing the office on: [email protected]  OR call us on 0207 435 9089 as soon as possible letting them know whether you will choose option 1) or 2) so we can make arrangements.  We thank you for your continued support at this time and we will continue to support you as much as we can. Together, as a whole community, we will get through this.

Kind regards,

Laura Hall

Survey – 18th May

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Survey for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6

If you are unable to complete this and send it back, please call us on 0207 435 9089

OR put the information in an email.

Pupil Name:                                                 Year Group:
Pupil Name:                                                 Year Group:
Do you intend to send your child/ren to school when school re-opens from the 1st June?  YES / NO


If NO please give reasons below:


If YES please confirm that you have read and understand that social distancing of 2 metres will be encouraged but there is no guarantee of enforcement at all times:


I have read and understand:


Is your child clinically extremely vulnerable and currently shielding ?   YES/NO

Please refer to Government Guidance on who falls into this category

Does your child live in the same household as someone clinically extremely vulnerable?  YES/NO

If you intend for your child to come to school, is your child ‘clinically vulnerable’ or living in the same household as someone ‘clinically vulnerable’? YES/NO

Clinically vulnerable are those who are:


o    aged 70 or older (regardless of medical conditions)

o    under 70 with an underlying health condition listed below (that is, anyone instructed to get a flu jab each year on medical grounds):

o    chronic (long-term) mild to moderate respiratory diseases, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or bronchitis

o    chronic heart disease, such as heart failure

o    chronic kidney disease

o    chronic liver disease, such as hepatitis

o    chronic neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), or cerebral palsy

o    diabetes

o    a weakened immune system as the result of certain conditions, treatments like chemotherapy, or medicines such as steroid tablets

o    being seriously overweight (a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or above)

o    pregnant women


Has your family suffered a bereavement whilst school has been closed?

If yes, please give more information below so that school can provide any support that your child or your family may need.



Is there any other information that you think school should be aware of regarding your family circumstances?




Please email the office on:

[email protected]

We will continue to provide you with as much support as we can over the coming days, weeks and months. We thank you for your continued support at this time. Together, as a whole community, we will get through this.

Kind regards,

Laura Hall


11th May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are all keeping well and managed to enjoy a break over the Bank Holiday weekend.

You will have heard the Prime Minister indicating that the government believes it may be in a position to implement a phased re-opening of schools from 1st June, starting with pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. This is part of the government’s conditional plan, which it says will remain under regular review.

As yet, we have no more information than you do about this plan. We expect to receive some guidance from the Department of Education at some point in the next day or so, and at that point we can begin to make plans in accordance with that guidance. We know your opinions and views on this will vary with some parents anxious about their child returning to school.  However, please be assured that our first priority is the safety of everyone in the school community.

When school does re-open, it is highly unlikely we will be simply flicking a switch back to normal with the full school in operation. We expect there will be a phased re-opening, with potentially a different structure to the weeks or days, for different year groups. This will require a high level of planning and careful management. We, like you, want Holy Trinity to be open and fully operational as soon as possible, but it must be advised, informed and only when safe.

At the present time, our status remains the same – our school is only open for the children of key workers and those deemed vulnerable.

We will be in touch again, in due course, to share the relevant information and plans with you.

Wishing you all good health.

Laura Hall

6th May 2020

Dear Everyone,

We hope you are all staying well and enduring this time as best as you can.  Well done to all of you!

There has been so much speculation in the press about the opening of schools, with different opinions and views.

Of course we all want to know when schools will reopen and how the Government will assure us it is safe to do so.

We do know that a Government announcement will be made this Sunday, 10th May and have been told this will include a plan for the re-opening of schools.

At Holy Trinity, we are already, in advance of any government directive or advice, starting to look at models that ensure the safety of the whole school community.

I will write again next week in response to the announcement, hopefully with more information on getting your children back to school!

Yours sincerely,

Laura Hall


Monday 20th April 2020

Dear Parents and Children.

We hope everyone is staying safe and well at home and I am sure like us you are looking forward to the end of this difficult situation.

I know many of you have received phone calls from the class teacher and other members of staff. These calls will continue over the next few weeks.

We will update you as soon as we know more about school re-opening but for now we are creating ways to continue learning at home.

All teachers have created a Padlet – an on-line learning platform. They have designed these specifically for you and your child.

They can be found on our website under the Home Learning tab. These will be updated daily with tasks and a suggestion of what to complete that day.

We realise this is not an easy task for you and that each family have their own challenges around space and use of technology. So, do what you can.

Please do get in touch if you need any support.

Yours sincerely and stay safe.

Laura Hall and the whole Holy Trinity Team




Dear Parents,

We will be updating this page with the latest advice sent from Public Health England.

17th March

13th March 2020 advice