All children with SEND are assessed half-termly so that their progress and attainment can be monitored.  Any summative assessments carried out will be at an appropriate level for the child.  Some children with SEND may find it hard to access the same assessment materials as others e.g. test papers.  Therefore other assessment methods will need to be used.  This may include formative assessments made against individual or national curriculum targets, observations, 1:1 or group assessment tasks, reviewing completed work, results of interventions.  Where support staff and other agencies are involved, teachers are expected to consult those professionals in order to get a rounded picture of what the child is able to do.  Parents/carers and the child should also be asked to contribute.

SATS and Access Arrangements

The focus of all assessments is on what the child can do and we aim for this process to be as stress-free as possible.  However, we are obliged to administer the SATS tests to most pupils, including those with SEND.  A minority of SEND children, with particularly high levels of needs may be exempt, if they are unable to answer the simplest question on a standard test.  Where children are required to sit the tests, we are able to support them in accordance with the access arrangements permitted by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA).  These include modified papers e.g. Braille or large-print, additional time, breaks and specified types of adult support.