To achieve the best for all children, it is vital that the school and parents/carers work in partnership.

We support this by:

  • Listening to parents/carers and sharing the knowledge they have of their children
  • Providing support for children’s learning and personal development at home
  • Involving parents/carers in reviewing their child’s progress
  • Helping parents/ carers to get independent advice
  • Communicating frequently on their children’s progress, well-being, success and needs.
  • Providing workshops to help parents/carers support their child’s learning at home.


The school has strong communication links with parents/carers of pupils with special educational needs. We value the involvement and contribution of parents/carers. We encourage parents/carers to share their views within Annual Reviews and during multi-disciplinary review meetings.  Parents/carers of pupils with SEND can approach school staff to discuss the progress of their children and to seek information and advice.