At Holy Trinity CE Primary School, we place great importance on the early identification of children with barriers to learning and recognise the need for early intervention. We have clear procedures in place that help us to identify children that need to be monitored or those needing extra or different provision on the basis of the progress they make.  Please note that academic progress is not the only measure we look at.  Children are also measured against various developmental milestones, especially in reception.


A child is identified as making less than expected progress, given their age and individual circumstances, when their progress:

  • is significantly below than that of their peers starting from the same baseline;
  • fails to match or better the child’s previous rate of progress;
  • fails to close the attainment gap between the child and their peers;
  • widens the attainment gap.


We identify the children who are making less than expected progress through a regular and thorough assessment cycle. As part of the cycle, teaching teams and the Senior Leadership Team meet termly to discuss and analyse a range of information, including test data, formative assessment data and wider observations about a child’s overall development.  We call these meetings Pupil Progress Meetings.  Whilst additional or different provision is broadly planned from the results of these meetings, teachers are continually assessing the progress of the children in their class and adapting their planning and resources to meet their children’s needs.

Parents/carers, children and staff are encouraged to share any concerns about the progress of a child with the class teacher or Inclusion Leader as early as possible.  We listen carefully to what staff, children and parents tell us at any time during the year and will seek to implement support where necessary, as soon as possible.

Inclusion Leader

Ms Keeley McCleave, the Inclusion Leader (sometimes called a SENDCo), has the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination (NASCO).  She is also part of the school’s Senior Leadership Team, which ensures that the needs of SEND children at the forefront of any decision making.  Keeley has been teaching at Holy Trinity for almost 15 years, so she has a good grasp of our community’s needs.

She can be contacted via the school office on 0207 435 9089.