In January 2018 we asked our parents for their views of the school.


  • 98% of parents say their child enjoys learning.
  • 98% of parents feel welcome in the school.
  • 98% of parents agree that teaching is good.
  • 98% of parents say they find it easy to contact their child’s teacher.
  • 98% feel comfortable approaching the school with problems, questions or complaints.
  • 96% of parents say their child is making good progress.

Thank you to all parents who took part in the survey:

Here are some of your comments:

What do you like most about the school? 

Friendly, village-like feel to the school. Staff are all really helpful. Communication between the parents and staff is spot on. 

The community feel about the school. 


Friendly staff where everyone knows each other. 

Interesting topics the children learn. 

The kindness of the headteacher and most of the teachers and Dale. 

It’s a cheerful and positive environment, helps children to learn and be happy. 

It feels like a family and very professional. 

What would you like us to do better at school? 

Several of you are asking us to improve our communication about their child’s progress – we are looking at ways to inform you more regularly.

More information about the creative learning that goes on (not just reading, writing and maths!) – as you know our focus has been on helping parents support their child in the core subjects so we do agree that you have been bombarded with information on the 3 Rs in most classes.

At each Parent Council meeting we discuss these issues as well as new initiatives. These are shared with you in the Parent Council section of the Newsletter


(these meetings are usually held on the first Friday of each month)