Trips and Workshops

We want our pupils to be culturally confident, so that they can hold their own in any society. Therefore, we have a devised a programme of visits to galleries, museums and other institutions to ensure that they are regularly exposed to fruits of the human creativity. These visits not only extend and enrich pupils’ knowledge, they also engender a sense of belonging and ownership, encouraging pupils to see themselves as stakeholders.

Camden Spark

The Head of School is the arts lead at Holy Trinity and regularly attends meetings with Camden Spark.  This brings her into contact with representatives of the myriad cultural institutions based in Camden, including The British Museum and The British Library.  We use our cultural contacts to secure visitors to our school that the pupils can learn from e.g. the poet Kate Wakeling was sourced through The Poetry Society.

Pupils have also enjoyed several arts projects that have come through contacts at Camden Spark, including an animation project at WAC Arts and working with contemporary artists to re-interpret monuments in Camden.

All our relationships are reciprocal, so staff also work with cultural institutions to mould their offer to schools.

The Crick Institute

Pupils visit the Crick Institute regularly to learn from scientists.  Scientists from The Crick also come into school to hold workshops on an annual basis.


The City Learning Centre provides access to up-to-date computing equipment and high-quality teaching.  All KS2 classes visit the CLC at least twice on an annual basis.  Whilst some visits are made so that pupils can access the equipment they need for some parts of the curriculum, other sessions are dedicated to extension and enrichment projects e.g. animations about the life of an artist.

Take One Picture – The National Gallery

All classes are asked to respond to The National Gallery’s chosen painting on a bi-annual basis.  Pupils are able to decide what form they want that response to take.  The work is then submitted to The National Gallery.  So far, Holy Trinity has had work displayed in the exhibition at The National Gallery each time we have submitted.  Holy Trinity was also one of only four schools who were invited to host the private view of Take One Picture’s Gentileschi show.