Lighthouse London provide a unique spiritual experience for pupils.  Worship is led by Jemima Hardwick, a dedicated Children’s Pastor, with years of experience working with children, so services are engaging and well-pitched.  Pupils are often involved in the services, acting out stories from the Bible or helping the audience to visualise key Christian concepts.

The team at Lighthouse are musically gifted and pupils are regularly treated to amazing performances during worship.  Pupils are often visibly moved by the music and a little in awe of the talent!  When Jemima and the team aren’t performing, they lead a great choice of modern worship songs that are easy to learn, uplifting & extremely catchy!  Songs are accompanied by dance moves that pupils love to lead. Listening to the pupils singing along is often a joyous spiritual moment for staff too!

Lighthouse is the venue for special family services that mark key Christian celebrations and academic milestones.  It also provides the venue for pupil performances that parents look forward to each year, including a carol concert, nativity performances and the Year 6 Leaving Service.

Lighthouse also offers other services to the pupils at Holy Trinity:

  • Y6 transition to secondary school workshop
  • Space for PE and other activities
  • Sunday School

They have also trailed the following initiatives to support families more broadly:

  • Parent & toddler group
  • Wild West Holiday Club
  • The Light Party

The team also support school staff by:

  • Providing pastoral support
  • Talking through key Christian concepts to improve the knowledge of staff
  • Providing advice on school worship and the teaching of aspects of RE