“We are an inclusive school, with a strong pastoral nature based on Christian values.  We expect high standards from all our children and work closely with our parents to ensure that every child achieves their best.”    Stephen Rust, Chair of Governors.

Christian values are at the heart of all we do and provide the foundation on which we build our pupils’ understanding of what it means to ‘live well together’.  A different value is the focus of collective worship each half term and they are embedded in how we relate to one and other.

These are our Christian Values and some of our children’s thoughts:


“It is important to think that everyone is significant, so that we can all be happy and look after each other.”

Freddie, Year 1


“It is important to have peace so you can communicate with God when you are down and He will show you what to do.”

Nyesha, Year 4


“It is crucial in life to have respect for everyone.  We treat everyone exactly how we want to be treated ourselves, which means we treat people equally.”

Mohammed, year 6


“The Christian values teach me how everyone should be treated.  I was compassionate when my friend hurt herself, because I would want someone to be kind to me.”

Sophie, Year 2


“It is important to forgive people so that you feel better.  When you forgive someone you can make things right again.”

Amran, Year 5


“I have used the Christian value of courage when I started a new school.  I had to learn a new language and how to be in another country.  Having courage helped me to try my best to learn English and make friends.”

Chaima, Year 5