In September 2021 Holy Trinity CE Primary School entered into a partnership with Hampstead Parochial CE Primary School.  Emmanuelle CE Primary was also added to our family of schools in September 2023.  Mrs Laura Hall is the Executive Head for all three schools.

The aims of the partnerships are:

  • To share our excellent practice with our partner schools
  • To improve opportunities for professional development for staff
  • To pool talent and share resources
  • To provide staff with a greater support network across the schools
  • To provide enhanced opportunities for pupils personal development e.g. sports tournaments

Holy Trinity’s role in the partnership to date: 

  • Developing leaders to take on Head of School roles elsewhere in the partnership
  • Sharing non-teaching staff with other schools in the partnership
  • Joint subject moderations to ensure standards & gradings are consistent across the schools
  • Organising joint INSET sessions
  • Leading joint training sessions
  • Supporting the development of curricula in partner schools