Space to Reflect and Wonder

We make good use of the school’s outside space, carefully planning multi-functional spaces that include quieter areas for reflection and self-regulation.  These areas can be used by small groups and individuals.

The Courtyard

The courtyard has recently been re-developed to provide a peaceful space in which pupils can engage in reflection whilst enjoying fresh air and the nature around them.  Plants have been chosen for their visual and sensory properties to encourage pupils to marvel at God’s creation.  Trees from The Woodland Trust provide a reminder of the seasons and cycle of life.  A range of seating has been built to encourage different ways of using the space.  Seating facing into the space allows pupils to observe the plants and visiting wildlife more privately, whilst seating around the planters encourages pupils to smell, feel & interact with the plants & insects.

The development of this area was made possible by a generous donation from a member of our school community for which we are most thankful.

The Wildlife Garden

This area is shared with South Hampstead High School and the planting was designed by pupils from both schools to attract as much wildlife as possible.  Native plants have been sourced from The Woodland Trust and PTA groups and bug hotels have been installed.  Once the planting is established, pupils will be able to observe and reflect on natural phenomena such as the seasons, life cycles and food chains.  We aim to use the resources in the garden to support curriculum areas such as science & art & design.

Sigmund Freud’s Garden

Freud Museum

We are lucky to be close to the Freud Museum and Sigmund’s beautiful garden.  Pupils are able to use the garden by appointment with their teachers.

Camden Arts Centre Garden

Another local garden that we use for drawing is located at Camden Arts Centre.

Residential Trips

Residential Trips – Time to Reflect

Residential trips in Years 5 & 6 take place in locations surrounded by nature.  Pupils have the opportunity to sit in nature and reflect between activities.

Click the link to find out how residential trips deliver opportunities for spiritual development.

Residential trips

Worship Areas in Classrooms

All or classrooms have a worship area.  Our classrooms are small, so we encourage pupils to use the outside spaces and structured worship for reflection.