We use the Parent Hub app to communicate with parents.  All general notices and messages regarding events go out via this channel, therefore it is important that you download the app to your phone.  Please follow the instructions below:

Why do we use Parent Hub?

  • Our data tells us that at least 98% of parents/carers have a mobile phone number registered with the school.
  • Messages go directly to parents’/carers’ phones and are easy to access – they can’t get lost in transit.
  • App messages are environmentally friendly and reduce paper waste.
  • Cutting paper waste cuts costs, which means more of the school budget can be spent on pupils.

What to do if you need help

If you are struggling to download the app or can’t access the app for any reason e.g. you do not have a snart phone or have an additional need, please do the following:

Setting up your account

  • Ask an older sibling to help you set your account up – teenagers are a whizz at these things!
  • Ask another parent or member of the teaching team to help set up your account.

If you have an additional need

  • Explain what your additional needs are to a member of staff and we will see if there is an adaptation we can make that will enable you access the information

If you do not have a smartphone:

  • Please let the school office know, so that can provide a paper copy of communications in your child’s bag.