Our recent SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodists Schools) report (2019) says:

 “There is a broad curriculum, complemented through extra-curricular and enrichment experiences. These include artistic, cultural and sporting activities and indicate the aspirational, holistic and inclusive view of education running throughout the school. Consequently, pupils of all abilities and backgrounds value themselves, each other and their learning.”

Our intent is rooted in our school’s Christian vision.  As a Church of England school we believe we have a duty to serve the common good.  We offer a warm welcome to pupils of all faiths, races, creeds and abilities.  This hospitality is evident in the genuinely inclusive nature of our school and our constant drive to develop our practice in this area.

In order for our pupils to ‘soar on wings like eagles’ (Isiah 40.31) we focus on raising their aspirations and opening their eyes to new possibilities.  This is essential if we are to foster confidence, delight and discipline in learning.  Our pupils enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10), so that they can each reach their potential.  We hope to inspire pupils by bringing them into contact with a variety of specialists and visitors, through workshops, visits, long-term collaborations and participation in performances and competitions.  We take regular advantage of enrichment opportunities provided by the wealth of cultural institutions that London has to offer.  Our efforts in this area have earned us an Artsmark Gold Award.

We embrace excellence and academic rigour, but place it within a wider framework where pupils are also encouraged to stretch themselves spiritually, morally, imaginatively and actively. Our Christian Values are at the heart of all we do and provide the foundations on which we build our pupil’s understanding of what it means to ‘live well together’.   The basic principle of respect for the value and preciousness of each person underpins our approach to teaching about relationships and how pupils fit into a diverse community in a fast-changing world. 

There are 3 strands to our intent:

  • Raising Aspirations
  • Reaching Our Potential
  • Learning to Live Well Together

Progression Maps

Our Progression Maps show the progression of skills in individual subjects throughout each year group, key stage and through the whole school.