The O2 Centre

We enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with The O2 Centre.

How we support the O2 Centre to enhance their service for our families

  • Advice on SEND
  • Sending Harvest Festival donations to Streets Food Project (food bank) in the centre

The Head of School has delivered a workshop on Autism to centre staff, so that they understand what types of things can trigger a crisis in the centre and what they can do to help.  The O2 Centre have since created a low-arousal room that autistic people can use if they need to.

Most of our local community shop at the centre, so it provides a unique opportunity to showcase what the school offers whilst bringing joy to others.  We have used the space for:

  • Exhibitions of pupils artwork
  • Carol singing at Christmas

These opportunities help to build pupils’ confidence & self-esteem.  They also develop a sense of their place in the local community.

How the O2 Centre helps us

  • They provides the school with free space for PE lessons and performances
  • They run World Environment Day workshop for pupils
  • Give pupils opportunities to meet celebrities/sports people at store openings
  • They put us in contact with other centre users e.g. Streets Food Project
  • They offer volunteer contractors to help with school maintenance