We operate a house system to encourage pupils to be the best version of themselves.  Houses compete to have the highest number of reward points each week. Reward points are most often given to pupils when they demonstrate Christian Values in the way they conduct themselves and support others, encouraging pro-social behaviours.  At the end of each term the pupils of the winning house receive a special treat.  Houses also compete against each other during Sports Day.

There are three houses called Brilliant, Fantastic & Super. Pupils are allocated a house on arrival.  Currently, pupils in different houses have different coloured t-shirts.  Siblings are placed in the same house, so that PE t-shirts can be handed down.

Each house has a House Captain drawn from our Year 5 & Year 6 cohorts.  House Captain is a position of responsibility and prospective candidates are expected to complete an application letter to the Head of School before they are put forward for election.  Successful candidates present their manifesto to their housemates before they vote for their Captain.

All Year 5 & 6 pupils are welcome to apply to be a House Captain, including those with SEND.  Pupils are supported to write their applications should their needs require it.

House Captain Responsibilities

  • Represent the school at events e.g. LDBS Schools’ Service
  • Feed into projects and seek pupil opinion e.g. playground development
  • Provide pupil voice on areas of the curriculum, projects & events
  • Prepare food parcels after Harvest Festival
  • Prepare the hall for worship e.g. setting up and lighting candles
  • Participate in worship e.g. readings
  • Reward pupils that have modelled the expected standard of behaviour during worship
  • Count the reward points each week and encourage their house at the end of worship
  • Speak to visitors and assist with parent tours