Henry Moore December 18

Year 6 have been learning about the British artist, Henry Moore.  Henry Moore was primary a sculptor, but was also an official war artist during World War II.  He created some very famous drawings of people sheltering in Underground stations during the Blitz.  As Year 6 are studying this era, we decided to use Henry Moore’s work as inspiration for drawings and sculptures.  You can find out more about Henry Moore’s work here: https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/explore/who-is/who-henry-moore

Year 6 started with some observation drawings, so they could learn how to draw figures in different poses.

“We had to draw exactly what we could see, rather than what we know,” said Elizabeth.

This was very challenging, particularly when the figures were foreshortened, but the children coped with this very well.

Next the children looked at how Henry Moore began to simplify and abstract his figures.  They tried to use the chalk marks to describe the forms of the body like he did.


Our sculptures inspired by Henry Moore


Jean-Michel Basquait Oct 2018

During Black History month, Year 6 learnt about the artist Jean-Michel Basquait.  He was inspired by graffiti and hip hop.  The children created self-portraits that drew on his style.